Monday, July 30, 2012


We really love postcrossing. We started postcrossing back in 2010, but after the newest edition, the move, and being busy we haven't sent out anything in a while. I wanted to get back into it and bought a 8 postcards at the beach 2 weeks ago and sent them out. Today we received 3 postcards. We ask the sender tell us about themselves, their city (including historical info), send recipes, ect. After we receive them we read them, find where they were sent from on our wall maps, and talk about how far they travelled.

From a preschool teacher in Luftkin Texas.

From Birgit in Monchengladbach Germany.

Vintage postcard from Renee in Norwalk Iowa.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fall Semester 2012

The older kids are away at Grandma and Grandpa's house this week and I am using this time to get all my projects and to do items done.  So last night I sat down and wrote out our entire fall semester schedule!  I still need to order a few books before school starts, but I have everything planned out. I even filled out my teacher planner with all the lessons and chapters! WOO-HOO!

Here is what it looks like for Monday - Thursday:

Math: Singapore 1b-Singapore 2a 2 lessons daily + 5 minutes math drills
Reading:Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We will start will lesson 1 and do 2 review lessons daily + 1 new lesson (starting at lesson 60 where we left off)
Language Arts:First Language Lessons 1 lesson each day
Spelling/Vocabulary: Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary 1 lesson each day+ weekly test and Evan Moor A Word a Day Grade 1
Science:Real Life Science Odyssey 2 lessons each week
History: History Odyssey Ancient Times 2 lessons each week
Spanish: Learning songs and practicing conversational phrases
Literature: We will be reading the following books over the course of the fall semester: Wind in the Willows, Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, and Where the Sidewalk Ends
Grammer: Evan-Moor Grammer & Punctuation Grade 1 daily
Logic: Evan-Moor Critical & Creative Thinking Grade 1 daily
Writing: Evan Moor Daily 6 Trait Writing Grade 1 daily

On Friday Master M will be attending a homeschool co-op from 10-3 and take the following classes:
-Conversational Spanish
-Learning with Aesop
-American History Through Art

We are also part of another homeschool group that meets weekly for playdates. There has been talk of starting a book club where the kids would read a book each week and discuss it at the beginning of the playdate. 

Last year we started homeschooling through k12 in August. Quit with k12 in September due to my husband's job relocation. The kids and I moved to my inlaws and continued to use the k12 material for the 1st few weeks. Then for the remainder of the fall we unschooled since I was traveling a lot and it was hard to get everything done in the k12 material. When December rolled around we were moving into our new home and took December and January off to get settled in. In February we started back school and following a more classical education line of curriculum.  It must have been exactly what we needed because not only did Master M finish up all his kindergarten work he started on 1st grade work. When we stopped the 2011-2012 school year in June he was 3/4 done with 1st grade math, 1/2 done with 1st grade science, right on for 1st grade reading, 1/4 done with 1st grade language arts, and a few lessons into 1st grade history.  I know if a school year of upheaval and only doing school work for a few months looks like the above that he can soar to amazing heights this year if I am organized.