Thursday, October 11, 2012

Living on Less week 3

My husband was out of town on business and with it just being myself and the kids for the week I went on a cooking strike.  I went to Dollar General and spent $10 on bread, dog food, and some snacks. The rest of the week we ate out or had sandwiches at home. Our eating out total came to $71. It would have been a lot less, but one night we splurged and went to Olive Garden.  So we went over our $75 grocery limit by $5. I also had to spend $40 on gas to get us to preschool, karate, and the airport to pick up dad.  We also had an emergency dr. visit which ended up costing $152 (of course when I got there we had a balance) and $13 for meds. Then everything finally got straightened out for us to be able to get our Kentucky state tags/drivers license which totaled at $159. Of course during my hubby's business trip he found a restaurant that didn't take his company credit card and had to use the bank card for his meal which was $24 (of course for this we will be reimbursed).  At the beginning of the month I put $400 in savings and after everything we ended up using the $400 for these things that popped up during the month.  While I am slightly disappointed that the $400 didn't get to stay in savings I am VERY happy that we were frugal enough that we had the extra money for these things and didn't have to dip into savings.

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Week 1 Wrap Up


M worked on 2 sheets of math (Filling in numbers to 100 and less than/greater than), did a lab on snails, practiced writing his x's and w's,

P worked on writing the number 10 and counting to 10, practiced her French numbers, and practiced writing z's and picking out things that start with the y sound.

They both listened to the 1st chapter of The Wind Through the Willows, painted to classical music,played outside, and listened to a story about Confucius.


Is our day off. The kids painted, played outside, we went to the library, post office, and cleaned the house.


P went to preschool.

M worked through the 1st chapter of life of Fred apples, listened to more of the wind in the willows, learned about the mycenaeans, did some spelling, went over nouns, labeled the parts of a snail, And went over long vowel sounds.

Then we spent our afternoon at the county clerk office trying to get our car inspected.

P went to preschool.

M and I spent our morning going downtown to try and get my tags. We weren't able to get them (my husband had to be there and wasn't), but I think it was a learning experience for M.

Both kids spent the afternoon playing outside.

We spent our morning at the park. P was out of preschool and we had a playdate with one of her friends. In the afternoon we read more of the wind in the willows and I started history with them. During this time my husband and grandparents called. The children dispersed in multiple directions (bedrooms/outside) and I guess I didn't try to hard to get them back together.

I read more of Wind In The Willows to M before bed and more of Winnie The Pooh to P. They are really enjoying these books. It's been a while since they begged me to keep reading and ask me to read it multiple times a day.

Living on Less Week 2

I have my menu planned out for the 1st week of October.  So far I had to make an emergency trip to the grocery store for milk and butter. That leaves about $220 for the rest of the month. Here is our menu for this week. I grocery shop on Friday's.

1st- Breakfast: cheese grits
       AM snack: yogurt
       Lunch: leftover turkey pot pie and fruit
       pm snack: cheese its
       Dinner: Spaghetti (no meat)
2nd-Breakfast: pancakes
       Am snack: animal crackers
       Lunch:PB&J & fruit
       Pm snack: cheese its
       Dinner: Baked pork chops and veggies

3rd-Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, grits
       Am snack: animal crackers
        Lunch: Leftovers
       PM Snack: cheese sticks
      Dinner: Sausage Pizza

4th-Breakfast:Pancakes and sausage
      Am snack: animal crackers *my kids will never want to see animal crackers again after this week!*
     Lunch: PB&J with cheese puffs
     PM Snack: jello
     Dinner: Chicken and rice with veggies

5th-Breakfast: cereal
       Am Snack: jello
      Pm Snack-Cheese balls
      Dinner-Roast with veggies