Thursday, October 11, 2012

Living on Less week 3

My husband was out of town on business and with it just being myself and the kids for the week I went on a cooking strike.  I went to Dollar General and spent $10 on bread, dog food, and some snacks. The rest of the week we ate out or had sandwiches at home. Our eating out total came to $71. It would have been a lot less, but one night we splurged and went to Olive Garden.  So we went over our $75 grocery limit by $5. I also had to spend $40 on gas to get us to preschool, karate, and the airport to pick up dad.  We also had an emergency dr. visit which ended up costing $152 (of course when I got there we had a balance) and $13 for meds. Then everything finally got straightened out for us to be able to get our Kentucky state tags/drivers license which totaled at $159. Of course during my hubby's business trip he found a restaurant that didn't take his company credit card and had to use the bank card for his meal which was $24 (of course for this we will be reimbursed).  At the beginning of the month I put $400 in savings and after everything we ended up using the $400 for these things that popped up during the month.  While I am slightly disappointed that the $400 didn't get to stay in savings I am VERY happy that we were frugal enough that we had the extra money for these things and didn't have to dip into savings.

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