Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stories about toys coming to life

Yesterday we read the story "The Velveteen Rabbit". We decided to write our own stories today about the kids favorite toy(s) coming to life. Pork Chop went first in telling me her story. She is only 3, but can make up some pretty good stories. Her story is titled "Panda's at the Beach".

One day while we were at the beach with my purple and white and black and white stuffed panda bears my dad used his powers to make them become real. My dad jumped in the ocean. I was holding the baby black and white panda bear and we went into the water. Then the panda bears made sand castles with me. We were tired from playing all day so we packed up and went home.

Boog went next in telling his story. He has a whole host of star wars figures and loves them dearly. So naturally his story was about them. He titled his story "Star Wars Save the Baseball Game".

One day I was at Will's baseball game. Two Jedi came out of Uncle Joe's truck. They got into Will's brain and controlled him. They made Will hit the ball super duper hard and it hit the coach. The coach tried to throw Will out of the game, but a storm trooper appeared out of nowhere and lasered him in the ear. Then the Jedi came out of Will's brain and everyone said "Hurray".

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