Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

-Jobs around town: veterinarian and police officer. This stemmed to the kids playing vet and police for a good bit of 1 day
-Cycle of milk: farm to store
-Built a Lego house
-Built a pyramid out of cheese
-Took a trip to the auto mechanic and the eye dr
-Learned how the judicial system works. Explained everything from committing a crime to be sentenced or aquitted. Learned the proper named for the people involved in a trial.

*Scooby Doo & the Miniature Gold Mystery
*No More Chores
*Dinosaur Dinners
*Spongebob The Song That Never Ends
*Bop, Bop, At the Bunny Hop
*The Incredibles
*Dinosaur Ed
*The Country Mouse & The City Mouse
*Mouse's Hide & Seek
*Peter Pan
*2 Articles out of Progressive Mechanics
*1 article out of Combat Arms
-Practiced Alphabet
-Vocabulary Words:
-Watched Word World
-Spelling: Boog wrote and spelled the words bat, cat, rat, hat all by himself
-Boog wrote his name all by himself
-Drew the story of the 3 Little Pigs
-Played a word spelling game on iPad

-Practiced subtraction on the 6 family
-Practiced telling time And worked on time word problems
-Counted by 5's
-Put together a bunch of puzzles
-Played math games on the iPad
-Boog learned how to play Blackjack
-Worked on # recognition
-Practiced addition and subtraction
-Measured liquids and dry goods
-Did some division to find out how much we needed of certain things
-Boog was playing outside being a contractor and came up with these math problems. I helped him solve them and showed him how to use a calculator.
*M owns a construction co. And has 8 employees. His employees earn $8/hr. They are working a job that will take 3 hrs to complete. M wants to make $100 for himself after his employees are paid. How much will the job cost? (answer is $292)
*M takes another job and is Charging $70 for 1 hr of labor. He has 1 employee that is helping with the job who earns $8/hr. How much $ will M make? (answer $62)
*M is worked 2 jobs. On the 1st job he earned $100 & on the 2nd job he earned $62. How much $ did M make in all? (answer $162)
-Played # bingo

-Learned about birds, warthogs, and cheetas. This prompted a trip to the Louisvulle Zoo while we were in Kentucky on Saturday.
-Watched Big Cat Diary
-Nature Walks
-Used our 5 senses
-Played with our Bugs Knowledge Cards: Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, & other amazing Arthropods (these are AWESOME. if your child likes bugs they will love these beautiful cards)
-Built a bird with wings that flapped out of blocks
-Watched a video on making soap. Boog would now like to make soap so we plan to pick up a kit next time we are out at the hobby store.
-Talked about the difference between solids & liquids
-Visited Ruby Falls in Tennessee

-Learned about Egypt, Nile River, Spinx, & mummies
-Globework: found these places on the globe and learned facts about them
*N. Pole
*S. America
-Dug for artifacts that our ancestors left. Found a brick and tried to figure out what kind of tools our ancestors used to make bricks. Decided that the brick was from part of a house.
-Took a 5 day road trip from SC to Ga to Ky and back SC

Boog is 5 and Pork Chop is 3. We did so much learning that I was exhausted by the end of each day! It's so amazing the amount of things that kids come come up with to learn.

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