Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Week's Literary Picks

Here are our literary picks for the week.

Pork Chop's Picks:
Babar Family Times
Mary Engelbreit's A Merry Little Christmas
Sailor Moo Cow at Sea (Lisa Wheeler)
Curious George Takes a train (Margret & H.A. Rey)
A Beach Tail (Karen Lynn Williams)
Max's ABC (Rosemary Wells)
You Can't Take a Ballon Into The Museum of Fine Arts (Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman & Robin Preiss Glasser)

Master M's Picks:
Bone Soup (Cambria Evans)
Harry Bear and Friends Count Fish (Elliot Kreloff)
Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss)
Ten Apples up on Top (Dr. Suess)
-Seadogs An Epic Ocean Operetta (Lisa Wheeler)

Mom's Kid Picks:

-The Biggest Bear (Lynd Ward)
-The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (Arthur Ransome)

-Mummies, Pyramids, and Pharoahs (Gail Gibbons)
-Ancient Egypt An Interactive History Adventure (Heather Adamson)
-Mummies (Kremena Spengler)
-Ms. Frizzle's Adventures Ancient Egypt (Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen)
-The Valley of the Kings: Egypts Greatest Mummies (Michael Burgan)
-Pharaoh's Boat (David Weitzman)
-Great Ancient Egypt:Projects You Can Build Yourself (Carmella Van Vleet)
-The Gruesome Truth About The Egyptians (Jillian Powell)
-See Through Mummies (John Malam)
-You Are In Ancient Egypt (Raintree Perspectives)
-Life in Ancient Egypt (Paul Challen)
-Pyramids and Mummies (Seymour Simon)
-The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body (Joanna Cole)
-Little Pear (Eleanor Frances Lattimore)
-How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (Marjorie Priceman)
(Can you tell we are studying Ancient Egypt????)

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