Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wild Boy Scrapbook/Notebook (Mordicai Gerstein)

I couldn't find a pre planned lesson on this book so I made my own. This is geared toward younger children since my kids are 4 and almost 6.

*Book Report:What happened first? What happened next? What happened last? What was your favorite part? How good was this book 1-4 stars?  (I do most of the writing)

*Draw a picture of the wild boy in the woods. (My 5 yr old was very worried about how he was going to draw a naked boy. He said "I always draw people with their clothes on". Mind you all the people he has EVER drawn have been stick figures. lol He wanted to know if he should draw a skeleton and that led to the discussion of how you body has skin over your bones.)

*We printed out a picture of Jean Marc Itard and talked about how he was a dr. for deaf and mute people. Which lead to a discussion on what exactly deaf and mute meant. Beside the picture we wrote (straight from the mouth of my 5 yr old) A dr. who helped people who were deaf and mute. He took in the wild boy and cared for him.

*We defined the words deaf and mute

*We found France on our world map and put a marker there so we would remember where it was. We printed out a outline of France. We used our world map to find the mountains/forest and Paris. We then put the mountains/forest and Paris on our map. Beside the trees we wrote "The found the wild boy in the forest" and beside Paris we wrote "He was sent to Paris after he was captured.". Beside the map we used scrapbook letters to spell FRANCE.

*In the book it says Dr. Itard made cutout letters for Victor. I printed out the alphabet coloring pages and we will be working on coloring those in. After we are done with A-Z we will make a garland out of them to hang in our school room.

*Talk about how you would feel being completely alone.

*Research what kind of plants/berries/mushrooms you could eat in the wild to survive. Print them out and glue them to you notebook/scrapbook or draw them (don't forget to write down the names).

*Research out wilderness survival skills and list them.

*Talk about being different than everyone else and how to treat people who are different than us.

*Compare/contrast Paris (a city) and the forest

*Learn about walnuts (the wild boy's favorite food)

*Make a list of the foods the wild boy would and wouldn't eat

*The wild boy had to be taught hot from cold, rough and smooth, colors, and shapes. Find things that are rough and smooth to add to your notebook/scrapbook. Make a list of things that are hot and cold. Glue and label different colors and shapes to you book.

*Play cup and ball like Victor did in the book.

*In the book Dr. Itard gets frustrated with Victor. Talk about how you feel when you are frustrated. After Dr. Itard gets frustrated and yells at Victor he starts to cry and became upset. Talk about how you feel when your feelings get hurt.

*Dr. Itard teacher Victor the french word for milk (lait). Learn a few basic words in french and add them to your book.

*Toward the end of the book Victor becames very helpful. Talk about things the kids can do to be helpful. Make a list to go in your book. (Don't forget to have to kids do the things they listed to be helpful!)

*The book talks about how Victor liked to stand by his window under a full moon. Go out and look at the moon on different nights. You could track the moon phases or just research the moon phases and add them to your book.

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  1. Awesome, Sracie! Oi'm working on a lapbook for learning ASL, i'll have to check out The Wild boy as a fun resource!