Friday, November 18, 2011

The Knight at Dawn

Magic tree house book #2 The Knight at Dawn

We did two activities with this book. The first activity was look up rules during the medieval times and decide which rules should be brought back. Here are the list of rules my kids brought back (the last 3 are from the list of rules knights had to follow):
1)Don't bite off more than you can chew
2)Dont eat foods you hate
3)Be calm while you eat;don't rush
4)Avoid emotions of anger and irritation when eating
5)Dont touch other peoples food
6)Make sure to tell the person who cooked your food thank you and how good it was
7)Wash your hands and teeth before eating
8)While eating don't make a mess
9)Don't lick your fingers while eating
10)After eating wash your hands, lips, and teeth
11)Protect the defenseless
12)Always tell the truth
13)Always year people with respect

The second activity we did was make a coat of arms. The colors and designs are based on the qualities each child came up with about themselves.
Red-ready to battle

Cross bones-morality

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