Monday, April 30, 2012

VACATION! Days 1-3

We are officially on VACATION!  We will be completely off from school for 2 whole weeks.  When we come back we will start schooling on our summer schedule.

Saturday (Vacation Day 1):
-Took P to French class.  She is such an outgoing, never shy child but at French class she is very reserved and forgets everything. I know she is picking it up though because she will say things like colors and body parts in French :) 
-We spent our afternoon at the park hiking. We hiked a 1.25 trail that was easy. We all enjoyed getting out and getting some exercise. The kids were a little scared to hike the trail through the woods though. They kept thinking a bear was going to get us!
-After hiking we went home to grill out. Hubby brought the food in just as a storm was rolling in. Half way through dinner we had to leave our plates and run down to the basement because the weather was so bad.  We had high winds and a TON of hail. This is a picture of our back porch.

Sunday (vacation day 2)
-Hubby had to go to work so the kids and I spent the morning hanging around the house and cleaning up.
-After a big lunch we headed to Target to pick up some things for our trip on Thursday.  Like new shoes for Goose.

-I finished reading Fifty Shades Darker.
-Started reading Money Can Buy Happiness. I am REALLY enjoying this book and have spent a lot of time since starting it working through our finances.  We have followed Dave Ramsey's plan until now and have been feeling really stressed out by it even though we are in a better place financially.
-Spent 2 hours cleaning out my car and scrubbing the inside. My poor car needed it SO bad. We feel like we are riding in a new car now!

Monday (vacation day 3)
-Took P to speech therapy. She has started saying I by herself some. She still says me a lot in place for I, but we take what we can get.
-Went to the car wash. The kids LOVE driving through the car wash. I don't care for it. Being in that little room with the brushes and things beating up against the car makes me feel clostraphobic and trapped.  The car is now looking GOOD. It has been washed, vacuumed, and armoralled. Of course as soon as we got home a bird pooped on it :/
-Spent the rest of the day trying to get some things done before our trip. All day I felt like I took 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I did manage to keep the rooms I spring cleaned maintained and a few loads of laundry done. 

-The kids spent the rest of the day driving each other CRAZY! I kept telling myself "Only 1 more day till Hubby is off for 12 days!!!".

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