Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: 4/23-4/27

This week we struggled! We are going on a 11 day vacation to visit my parents and inlaws next week and school work was a drag this week.  We are all so happy to be off for the next 2 weeks!

This week we did some graph work for math, learned about our respiratory system, finished 3 lessons in our reading book, completed a spelling unit (Master M made 100), and completed week 1 in History Odessey.  We have also been practicing our French. The kids are learning their numbers 1-10, colors, and some basic words- hello, goodbye, snack, baby, dad, mom, girl, boy, dog, cat, ect.  P is really enjoying her French lessons. I'm enjoying learning with her and teaching the other kids what we are learning. 

Our highlights of this week were being able to watch P practice her ballet and tap recital pieces and going to Master M's baseball game. He got a hit all the way to the fence!

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  1. Enjoy your two week vacation! It can be challanging to focus when you have a trip coming up. But it appears that you still had a great week.