Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 14 Weekly Wrap Up

- Master M completed the entire shapes unit (4 lessons) in math. He has known his shaped since his 4th birthday so it was just review for him. 
-I read the first 3 chapters of Captain Courageous to Master M. Added a disk tomap to show where Newfoundland is.
-Dad finished reading the Angelina Ballerina chapter book to Pork Chop.
-Master M reviewed 2 lessons in OPGTR and completed a new lesson. OPGTR is really working for him. Since we started this book in late January he has made serious improvement.
-On Saturday I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and a book on the human body for the kids. While I was there I found a Dover coloring book on the human body (My First Human Body Book). The kids colored a page on your skeleton to add to the science notebook.
-We are going through The Egyptology Handbook for history and read lesson 2. Master M colored a picture of the Sphinx to add to his history notebook.
-Master M took a pretest in spelling on his new words and old words he spelled incorrectly. He got all but 2 right (the 2 he missed were new).
-I finished up Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I really enjoyed this book.

-Spent an hour practicing baseball with Master M.
-Started Rowing Mike Mulligan.
-Reviewed all the disks on our map.
-Pork Chop had speech therapy. Her homework for the week is to work on saying I and not me.  If she does this for 4 weeks her therapist told her she would be able to get something out of her treasure chest.
-Master M revied 2 lessons in OPGTR and completed a new lesson.
-Master M completed a page in his spelling book.
-We read lesson 3 in The Egyptology Handbook and added a page to our history notebook on Saqqara.
-Pork Chop made a number caterpillar (1-10) for math.
-Master M completed the measurements unit in math (2 lessons). This was another review for him. His Papa has had him measuring and building things since he could walk.  He showed off during his lesson by counting by 2's,3's, 4's, and 10's.
-For science we colored another page in the Human Body coloring book. I read a page on your skeleton while the kids colored and had them tell me what they learned. I wrote it down on a notebook page and added both things to our science notebook. 
-I read chapter 4 of Captain Courageous to Master M and Make Way For Ducklings to Pork Chop and Goose.
-I started the book Savannah Breeze. My mom gave me this book to read a few months ago and I just haven't had time to read it. In fact I had forgotten all about it until today when I was down in the basement looking through some of the moving boxes (GASP! Yes there are 3 boxes in our basement with junk that I never unpacked) and found it.

-The kids played outside all morning and found a tent caterpillar. They put it in a jar so we could keep it.
-We met some friends at the park in the afternoon.
-Master M had karate class. While he was at karate Pork Chop, Goose, and I walked next door to the pet shop and bought a little plastic home for our caterpillar.
-I read chapters 5-8 of Captain Courageous to Master M and The Rooster Crows to Pork Chop and Goose.

-Master M did a math unit on weight.
-Master M completed lesson in OPGTR.
-The kids wrote a story about a caterpillar.
-Pork Chop went to dance class.
-The kids spent a lot of time outside.

-The kids hung out in the house playing because of the rain.
-After the rain stopped they watched the glass guy replace my windshield.
-The kids played outside in the afternoon.
-Pork Chop asked me to download the umizoomie math game for her on the Ipad and I did. She spent about 30 minutes playing it.
-We went to the library.
-Master M had baseball practice. His coach said that he will be playing 1st base!!!
-I read several chapters of Captain Courageous to Master M and started the book Dolphin Adventures with Pork Chop.
-Goose is trying to sing the alphabet song and is now saying bath.

-We rowed Mike Mulligan for the last day. The kids did some Mike Mulligan word problems, we talked about creative problem solving and road egineering, and the kids drew trees for art.
-Master M took his spelling test and made 100% including the words he missed last week.
-Master M took his end of the book test for 1A in Singapore math and made 100%.  I have the HIG (home instructors guide) to 1B, but I am waiting on the workbook and text book to come in.
-We read Croco'Nile for history and the kids drew their favorite part.
-We made an arm in science that shows how your muscles work.
-The kids played outside and found another caterpillart to add with the one we found earlier this week.
-I finished the book Savannah Breeze.

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