Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly wrap up 4/15-4/22

This week Master m worked on: blending 2 consonants in reading
started the 2nd book of Singapore math 1st grade
did 2 science labs about the body's circular system. We had a lot of fun making "blood"
Learned more about ancient Egypt

This week Princess P (previously known as Pork Chop):
Declared she no longer wants to be Pork Chop
Rowed the book Red Clogs
Learned her colors and numbers in French

We also had a playdate at the park with friends.
Master M had:
karate and learned a new move
His 1st baseball game of the season. He is playing 1st base and made 3 outs
His baseball parade and had his picture in the news! (picture 3 Yankees)

Princess P:
Got her dance recital costume in
Learned a lot in French class

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